Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sleigh Bells @ El Rey

It's a strange experience to outwardly be rocking the fuck out, and inwardly be intricately plotting how to date the woman you're watching perform. Welcome to a Sleigh Bells concert!

Whenever people around me are making plans of any kind, I like to loudly exclaim "what could possibly go wrong?" If life were a movie, that would be when a piano falls on my head, but so far that hasn't happen and it's just a hilarious thing I say.

So when I predicted that seeing Sleigh Bells would undoubtedly get on my "favorite concerts ever" list, I should have looked above me for that piano.

But how could it not be an instant favorite? Their music is a hard-rockin' dance party, and the lady singer is such an awesome/sexy performer. How could that not be an amazing experience?

One contributing factor: other fucking people. Don't be the assholes who squirm your way through the crowd in order to stand right up against my face and make out with each other or hold your cell phones above your head the entire time. Don't do that. I had to stand through two sub-par openers for this real estate, and you just decide to take my land and fill it with these obnoxious girls (who I can only assume are named Nina, Pinta, or Santa Maria.)

Thankfully, once the band played it was a rocking good time, and I was able to get over the assholes, and even make some new friends. (Highlight: an ecstatic concert goer who exclaimed "fun fun fun!" between songs.) I even didn't mind the light-moshing that ensued. But the party couldn't have lasted more than 40 minutes, which is what happens when a band only has one album under their belt. Still, if my main complaint is "I wanted more," then that's a pretty great time.

Super fun concert? Hell yes. Amongst the best I've ever attended? Enter piano from sky.

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