Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kings of Leon

The opening images from the above music video made me think "has Kings of Leon made their very own 'African Child?'" Not really, but so continues my love/hate relationship with this band.

To me, they'll never top Aha Shake Heartbreak. They were hailed as "the southern Strokes," and you could see why. Then they went touring with U2 and adopting aspects of their sound, which is great for everybody who digs U2. I do not.

So every time they come out with a new album, I'm disappointed. "It's no Aha Shake," I think to myself. But then I listen to it some more, and I think "It's no Aha Shake, but it's still a pretty good Kings of Leon album."

And strange race-relations music video aside, I dig this single. I've heard the band talk about how a lot of this new album comes from the Aha Shake era, which leads me to believe I'm not the only one who misses that vibe. Bring it back, you crazy sons of a preacher man.

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