Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Double Rainbow, All The Way.

Believe it or not, this guy has more than one video of himself checking out rainbows and having incredible reactions.

Hey, actors! For those of you who think this might work great as an audition monologue, I couldn't agree more! So here's all of his transcribed dialog for you:

Woah, that's a full rainbow. All the way. Double rainbow, oh my god. It's a double rainbow all the way.

Woah, that's so intense. Woah, man.

Woah. Wo-o-ah. Wo-ho-ho-ho. Oh my god, OH MY GOD! WOOOOOOOO! OH MY GOD! Oh my-wow! Wooooooooo! YEAH! Oh my! Oh my gaaaah! Oh my god, look at that.

It's starting to look like a TRIPLE rainbow. Oh my god, it's FULL-on, double rainbow all the way across the sky. Oh my god. Oh my gah-ha-ha. Oh, god. [Sobbing]

What does this mean? Ohhhh. Oh my god. Ohhhhh. Oh. God.

It's so bright! Oh my god! It's so bright and vivid! Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! AHHH! It's so beautiful. [Sobbing] Aha ha. Oh my god.

[Gasp] Oh my god, it's a double complete rainbow. Oh - my - fucking - god [laughter]. Oh my god [laughter and sniffle].

Does it mean? [Laughter] Too much! Tell me what it means! [Gasps for breath].

Oh my god. It's so intense.

Oh. Ah. Oh my god.

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