Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Epic Mickey

I'm pretty sure this game was made with me in mind.

They're doing everything right. Even down to the model of Mickey they're using. Pie-eyed Mickey was a sassy drunk, regular-eyed/pink-faced Mickey was too suburban and domesticated, but black-eyed/white-faced Mickey totally went on crazy adventures (in both the animated cartoons and the Floyd Gottfredson comics). He's absolutely the one you want for a video game.

And whoever though of bringing back Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a nerd after my own heart.

Apparently they refer to the villain as "The Blot," which is most likely a reference to "The Phantom Blot," a thief bent on world domination in one of Gottfredson's comics (somehow you buy Mickey Mouse in a Raymond Chandler-esque mystery the whole way). These guys know what they're doing.

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  1. This is SO the kind of video game I would play.