Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Frightened Rabbit!

Happy Easter! Now, who wants to feel some feelings? Take a listen:

I just found this album yesterday, but my initial gut reaction is: yes, yes, yes. "Nothing Like You" is currently taking up a lot of brain-space. Some of Scott Hutchinson's lyrics can be a teensy bit overwrought, but I appreciate the man's passion, and the fact that the words at least appealed enough to make me hunt down the album liner notes. It's been a while since I've put this much effort into listening to an album, which is sad, really. I'm ready to have visceral reactions to music again, please. Down with emotionally detached, hollow electropop covers of already cheesy enough Hall and Oates songs! (DK, I love you and 99% of the music you recommend.)

Oh, and if you haven't listen to Frightened Rabbit's last album, The Midnight Organ Fight, then you should take a hot minute to do that. Or, at least listen to this song:

For me, Frightened Rabbit lyrics evoke Sylvia Plath poems; I like artists who can laugh at their own angst, or at least poke fun at themselves in a self-hating kind of way.

I'll leave you with this joyous music vid of cute kiddos rocking out:

Ooo, wait. This one too:


  1. Arrested Development isn't on TV anymore, so sometimes I watch Modern Family.

    There isn't always good new music, so sometimes I listen to cover albums.

    Deal with it.

  2. I just threw away six years of friendship, didn't I?

    Good thing I have over 200 songs in a playlist in iTunes entitled "David Love," so I'll never forget our more tender, loving moments together.