Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I just read an LA Times article about Chris Nolan and his upcoming dream-thriller Inception that gave me chills. I'm so pumped for this film, it sounds like everything I could ever ask for.

Some tasty quotes from the article:

...Nolan [achieves] the unreal on camera as opposed to in computer, which runs counter to Hollywood's obsession with the pixel possibilities of green screen and 3-D. With cinematographer Wally Pfister (Nolan's director of photography since "Memento") and special effects guru Chris Corbould (the man who built the Batmobile and has worked on a dozen James Bond films), the director put a premium on an old-school approach to movie magic.
"Inception" does have major computer effects: Several vivid sequences show a dream metropolis in churning calamity, a city skyline seems to fold in on itself as a dream begins to lose its shape and, unlike many Hollywood versions of dream surrealism, the scene has the look of a massive mechanical failure, not a morphing, liquid calamity. Nolan's dreams have the sharp edges of Escher, not the syrup drips of Dalí.

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