Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Track Review: “Something Good Can Work” by Two Door Cinema Club

The Irish group Two Door Cinema Club first grabbed my attention when I ran into their excellent cover of “Lasso” by my current pop-rock heroes Phoenix on hype machine. TDCC’s cover of “Lasso” was everything a cover should be—certainly an homage to the original song and band, but not without a fair amount of personal flair. TDCC’s front man Alex Trimble sounds very much like Phoenix lead-singer and Sophia Coppola squeeze Thomas Mars, but with more of a boyish innocence and less of the world-wise affectation of Mars. Trimble's delivery of "Lasso" re-appropriates the lyrics “Forever is long, long time/ When you’ve lost your way” from an expression of angst in retrospect, to a confession of future uncertainties, shifting the feeling of the song from a sing-along release to a more introspective work.

When I researched TDCC further and found the song “Something Good Can Work” (via the blog my prayer that TDCC’s depth as a band would move further than simply adolescent yearnings were answered. “Something Good Can Work” contains an innocent buoyancy that is irresistible, paired with chiming guitars, and a catchy hook with a driving beat—in short: everything that would make me want to listen to a song five times in a row. Although the lyrics are certainly simple, Trimble delivers them with an earnest sweetness that seems to make them mean a bit more: “Let's make this happen, girl/ gonna show the world that something good can work/ and it can work for you/and you know that it will”.

Perhaps the most promising aspect of “Something Good Can Work” is that contains the compositional maturity that most pop-rock bands don’t find until later in their career. “Something Good Can Work” quickly introduces us to the chorus, brings in a verse with a shout along line (“It’s only going out!”, “Out! Out! Out!”), calms us down a bit with an instrumental breakdown, then leads straight into an uplifting double-chorus at the end of the song that’s hard not to sing along to. While the band may be young at the moment (they left grammar school to record their debut album “Tourist History”—out March 1), they’ve certainly got the chops to hang around the scene for a long time.

Listen to "Something Good Can Work" and their upcoming album on their myspace.

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