Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Lost"- Season 6: There's No Such Thing as a Bad Orgasm

All around me friends and fans are preparing for the ultimate season of Lost. No, really. Season 5 was the penultimate season. Season 6 is the last...the ultimate. And that brings me right to my point. In a couple days, people will begin to pass judgement on the long anticipated conclusion of the show that's long been the girlfriend who whispers in your ear how horny she is and just as you make it to the bedroom after her you find her mouthguard in, reading glasses on, and Sue Grafton's "Y is for Yucky!" book out. Black Out. "LOST".

But don't pass judgement. Don't be quick to say "Oh come on Lost, same old story, yeah you answered the question of what the bomb did, but set up a dozen new questions that you're gonna drag out. And the acting's bad. And I know you're in Hawaii, that's not LAX, assholes". I beg of you, let us enjoy this show for what it has always been: an undying source of entertainment, and a never-ending conversation starter. If we can have as much fun watching it as Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse no doubt had writing it (I envy them so hard) then we're in for a treat.

The point is, it's the climax. And then it's the release. It's the end, and they've given it an ending. So rest easy in the fact that, no matter what happens, it's over for now. And that, by the nature of the show itself, will feel so good.

And obviously I'm still gonna review the shit out of it.

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