Sunday, December 27, 2009

Personal "Best Of '09" - Music

I want to formally welcome our esteemed friend Alex Frost to the RSF cavalcade of contributors. After reading his list of best music from '09, it made me want to take a crack at it. And, much like Frosty, I'm gonna let things get personal, since that's what lists and blogs are all about: our personal taste. So here goes:

The Safest Bet When Making A Music Recommendation To Almost Anyone: Freelance Whales

Band Totally Worthy Of What Could Have Become A Crippling Amount of Buzz: Phoenix

Best Album To Tide You Over Between Spoon Albums*: "It's Frightening" by White Rabbits (*Please note: this might be the highest honor I can give.)

Best Swedish Indie Pop Princess: Lykke Li

Best Future Wife For David Kantrowitz: Please see "Best Swedish Indie Pop Princess."

Best Song To Listen To When Driving: "Radar Detector" by Darwin Deez

Best Song For Making An Instant Party: "Daylight" by Matt & Kim

Best Song For Wishing You're In Love: "Orange Shirt" By Discovery

Feel Good Album of the Year: "Technicolor Health" By Harlem Shakes

Best Song That "Beatles: Rock Band" Led Me To Re-Appreciate: "Don't Let Me Down"

Best Album To Improve My Opinion of Your Band (And Give You A Second Chance After You Totally Sucked Opening For The Decemberists) : "Veckatimest" by Grizzly Bear

Best Album That I Know Deep Down Is Pretty Lame But Hot Damn Does It Ever Get My Toes A Tappin': "Aim and Ignite" by fun.

Best Band To Watch In The Following Year: Sleigh Bells

Last but not least, if I could choose the song to hear at the stroke of midnight on New Years, it'd be "Strictly Game" By Harlem Shakes. Aside from the fact that the chorus includes the lyrics "this will be a better year," it's looking like the Shakes have parted ways and are a band no more. Add them to the list of things that will be missed from 2009.

Honorable Mentions: "Lust for Life" by Girls, "Softshock" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Wet Hair" By Japandroids, "A Teenager In Love" By The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, "Luna" By Fanfarlo

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