Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall '09 Mix #1

Now that Pandora costs money, I've been forced to seek out alternative music portals on the web. A lot of trusted music reviewers have started using, so I created a free account, and it's pretty damn great.

Imagine if iTunes let you listen to an entire album (just once) before deciding if you wanted to purchase it or not. Lala takes it one step further, and lets you buy songs that you can only play through their site for a significantly decreased price. Then if you later decide you want to buy the MP3 download, you pay the difference. You can also upload your entire iTunes library, and have it with you wherever there's an internet connection.

Long story short: Lala is pretty cool, and could be at the forefront of a browser-dominant future.

So I thought I'd share one of my most recent well-crafted mixes. You might have to make an account with Lala to hear it, but in my humble opinion it's totally worth it.

Please enjoy.


  1. Hard to tell, what with our complete lack of winter in SoCal.