Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You Should Be Watching: Community

For my money, Community is the funniest show on television right now. This season of 30 Rock has yet to prove itself, and The Office has been bumpy for a while (true, I cried during the wedding episode, but not from laughter). But hey, props to NBC for having a kick ass line-up of comedies right now.

And since we're handing out props, mega congrats to Chevy Chase, who finally broke that twenty-something year bout of The Non-Funny! Maybe he's just finally at an age where his pompous demeanor turns lovable. On Community he plays a lonely windbag, eager to make friends but constantly saying the wrong thing. The man still knows how to deliver some zingers.

So far he's had some awesome scenes with Donald Glover, who I can't really claim as a personal friend, but I've certainly had a good time hanging out with him and the rest of the boys from Derrick Comedy in our college apartment. Matt Schwartz even shared an impromptu DJ set with Donald at a party. We've been enjoying his comedic abilities for years, and it's awesome to see him on TV, continuing to be hilarious.

Although Britta the idealistic hotty (Gillian Jacobs) was set up as the foil to Jeff the selfish lawyer (Joel McHale), it's equally engaging when other characters teach him a thing or two. The show might have stumbled upon it's true strength: a willingness to mix up the pairings of the ensemble cast in each episode, never feeling forced.

Everyone has had hilarious moments, including Alison Brie, who might be the sole Mad Men cast member who's more attractive when not in her 60's garb. The show also opened itself up to having a revolving door of guest stars as wacky professors (Senior Chang is already amazing), which has yet to get old. I can't praise this show enough, go watch it on the Hulu machine.

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