Monday, October 26, 2009

One Fast Move Or I'm Gone

Ben Gibbard (of Deathcab for Cutie fame) just completed another musical side project, which isn't as awesome as The Postal Service, but certainly very interesting. Teaming up with Jay Farrar (of Son Volt, a band I'm not very familiar with), the two put pieces of Jack Kerouac's "Big Sur" to music.

The result is somewhat mixed. Everything sounds decidedly folksy and "American," which I guess makes sense when adapting Jack Kerouac. Some songs (particularly the title track) certainly shine, while others have a bit too much truck-stop-country-twang for my taste. Again, maybe that's the point, but it was interesting how much Farrar's vocals irked me, while I let myself get more involved with Gibbard's. Perhaps because my ears/emotions have trusted him in the past, he serves as a gentler introduction to the accompanying twang.

For those who have actually read "Big Sur" (should I be ashamed I haven't?) does that add anything to your listening experience?

Apparently this whole collaboration started thanks to an impending documentary about "Big Sur," you can see the trailer here.

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