Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here Come The Waves

In July of 2007 I attended my favorite concert to date. I skipped out on my "Empires in India" summer class and joined Matt Schwartz, Matt Chester, and Cat Dooling on a trek to Central Park for an outdoor Decemberists concert.

Things worked out perfectly. Even when it looked like Cat got cheated by a scalper with fake tickets, not only did she force him to give back her money, but a legit concert-goer witnessed the interaction and happily sold her a spare.

The weather was beautiful. We were close to the stage and made friends with the other people around us, taking turns getting each other beers, and when the band commanded us to "go to sleep" in the middle of "The Mariner's Revenge" we had no problem falling over each other until we were sweaty piles of bliss on the ground. After we joined the entire audience in a chorus of "hear all the bombs fade away" for the finale, we left the concert feeling like we'd taken part in something - to put it mildly - special.

Since July 2007, there have been multiple opportunities to see the Decemberists again, but we've always erred on the side of caution. How could any other concert compete in comparison to that glorious day? They'd have to put on a wholly different show, both in substance and venue.

We have tickets to it.

On October 19, The Decemberists will unveil Here Come The Waves: The Hazards of Love Visualized, a special project that takes their ambitious and acclaimed song cycle to new heights for its final American performance at UCLA’s Royce Hall in Los Angeles. This unique live experience will feature The Decemberists in collaboration with four filmmakers—Guilherme Marcondes, Julia Pott, Peter Sluszkaand Santa Maria—each of whom have created animation to accompany a section of the music. Flux commissioned the films and worked withHornet Inc. who produced them. This is a one time only - not to be missed - live experience. The film will later be released on iTunes.
Yeah, that'll do it. The experience will certainly be different, but hopefully our faces will display the same dumb-struck euphoria:

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  1. And hopefully another one of my friends will have an impromptu fuck-session with a person he/she meets at the concert.

    My money's on Erik.