Monday, September 21, 2009

Web Oddities: Childhood

Some things that amaze and dumbfound, all loosely related to childhood, found on the ever-inspiring Internet.

I'm getting a pretty good education in all things nerdy at my Marvel Animation job. One thing my generation got shafted on: Ultraman. Instead we got the much watered down Power Rangers. Ultraman likes to rip the ears off his opponents and wave them around, taunting them. Those Japanese really know how to make kid's shows.

Hey! It's Gooby! He loves hanging upside down and talking about "letting it rip!" He also loves falling over! And eating! And sledding down hills with his over-imaginative schoolboy friend! Just don't let evil professor Eugine Levy catch him! Maybe singing about invisible things will stop Eugine dead in his tracks! Oh Gooby, you're such a delightful scamp!

I have some vivid memories of lying on my couch when I was younger, with my head dangling over the side, looking up at the ceiling and pretending it was the floor. Whenever a family member would walk in I'd shout "you're upside down!" I remember wishing I could actually build an upside-down house. Leave it to the Germans.

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