Tuesday, September 15, 2009

TV and Twenty-Somethings

All of the above images were taken from the most recent iTunes e-newsletter, promoting their "Fall TV Spotlight."

I was overwhelmed by the amount of slinky twenty-somethings lounging around/on top of each other, as if there's some sort of nudist-inducing-mono epidemic ("I'm so tired, maybe taking off the extra weight of my clothes will help.") Vampire Diaries and Real World Cancun are tied for most bare skin per pixel.

This isn't a post about how these shows signify the downfall of pop culture, simply because these shows are nothing new. Pretty people are fun to look at, it's always been that simple. Sex will never stop selling.

But to all you TV producers and executives out there (who read this blog fervently, no doubt), take note: twenty-somethings have so much more to offer.

Yes, we are glistening and vernal, which are traits worthy of romanticising, but we're also quirky as all hell. We fumble around adulthood like we're riding without our training wheels for the first time, and while it's not always pretty, it's mostly hilarious. We're genuine in our dream-chasing and heartfelt in our interactions, and therefore we're failing constantly. That's also mostly hilarious.

And although we're doing it all sans designer clothing, I won't be changing the channel anytime soon.

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