Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Death of Pandora

As I write this, I'm enjoying my last free hour of Pandora - the website that crafts radio stations based on your personal taste. Pandora was one of the few redeeming things on the internet, a true beacon of hope glimmering in a sea of filthy groping and "Fred" videos. Soon my profile and stations will expire, unless I feel like making monthly payments.

Let's face it, Pandora: you ain't worth it. Recently you've just been playing me the same old songs, and instead of discovering new artists similar to the ones I like, you're just showing me crappier wannabe bands. Maybe you're just holding a mirror up to my narrow taste, is that why you play the Strokes on almost every station I create? What can I say? It's a hot sound, the kids dig it!

Regardless, my iTunes "Genius" feature has been doing a better job of giving me diversity, and that's only using the 4,000 songs in my library, instead of the vast amount Pandora can pluck from the Music Genome project. I'll stick to perusing music blogs to get my free listens.

I guess the name "Pandora" finally makes sense now. What I thought was a shiny music box filled with (free) merriment turned out to be one of the many "burdens of men" in disguise: a ploy for my wallet. Next time Epimetheus should really trust Prometheus about wedding gifts from Zeus. Okay, maybe that part doesn't apply here.

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