Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Battle of the Beards - Week 2

Matt Schwartz and David Kantrowitz are competing to see who can last the longest without shaving. It's a battle of endurance, will-power, and above all: manhood.

Please note: there's no coverage of week one, things weren't official yet.

Let's hear from the combatants:

Matt can't shave until the 22nd because of his role in the upcoming sci-fi-religious-epic film "Priest." It's only been two weeks, and Matt can't stop itching and complaining. I remember back in college when we tried to take part in Manuary (not shaving for the entire month of January,) Matt chickened out pretty quick. To be fair, I chickened out a week after him, but I still think I got this in the bag.

I've consulted with leading industry professionals (my friends who are girls) and have, at their suggestion, purchased an exfoliator, an astringent, and a moisturizer. One night of use and the itching has subsided ever so slightly. I've got the look, the full facial coverage, and now the women's skin products to win this thing. And I intend to.

May the best man win, and may the manliest be the best.

Photos pending!

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  1. I would never touch a man sans beard. But you already knew that. Is that why you're doing this? Is this about wooing me? I think this is about wooing me.