Friday, August 14, 2009

Three Things That Are Good

Sick and supine in bed on a Friday night is The Worst. I’m willing myself better; tomorrow morning post-sunrise my body will not ache or shiver because I say it won’t. It’s time to make my Christian Scientist relatives proud.

Some things that cheer me up, and will maybe cheer you up, if you (whoever you are) need cheering:

1. Peanut Butter Plan

Peanut Butter Plan from The Quotidian on Vimeo.

It's direct action to help the homeless, and it costs relatively little to sandwich-making participants. It's a small-scale good deed that makes an instant impact.  And honestly, PBP is fun!

SF friends: the sandwich-making party happens every month at McSweeney's, which is hidden behind the Little Otsu storefront on Valencia in the Mission.  Come!  Last time we had Franzia Sunset Blush: if that doesn't win you over, I don't know what else I can do to sell this thing.  

Also, this is my first filmic appearance since age seventeen.  The hair-fussing is a physical manifestation of just how uncomfortable I felt in front of a camera.  Enjoy my five seconds of awkwardness, please.

2.  Michael Jackson Covers

Even better, they're electropop covers.  The album is called "Chum Onah" which is not so great wordplay.  I just want to see "Shamon" spelled the way God intended.  Anyway, Toro Y Moi's cover of "Human Nature" is dancey and makes me feel less like vomiting on my duvet.  

3.  Shape Note Singing

For those who weren't raised by traditional music enthusiasts, here's an explanation of Sacred Harp.  It's about shouting the music out; hitting the notes is secondary.  I understand this stuff might be abrasive to virgin ears--just give it a chance.  


24 hours later.  I feel better.  Right thoughts, people, right thoughts.  

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