Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lykke Li @ the Wiltern

Last night, my crush on Lykke Li went from pseudo-serious to head-over-heels. For the first time in my life I know what it's like to have a very impossible yet very real infatuation with a pop star.

Lykke Li is a weird brand of sexy. If you've seen any of her freaky/artsy music videos, you've seen her unconventional (read: borderline awkward) dancing, which kind of embodies her blend of timidity and unabashed candor. She's not the type of songstress to bank on her body, although she probably could. Instead, she's more concerned with making something genuine. In her video for "Tonight," her emotional honesty is both moving and downright unsettling.

Her songs off Youth Novels are already wonderful, but it's a totally different experience when witnessed live. She mixes up arrangements - making things more dancey, or rocky, or theatrical - without losing any of the original flavor. Her dancing also feels more exuberant on stage, especially when she was gettin' low to a kick-ass cover of "Everyday I'm Hustlin." (The linked video is not as bumpin' as last night!) I almost lost it when she did a cover of Kings of Leon's "Knocked Up," that's just too many good things happening at once.

The internet is saturated with videos of her impromptu jams in weird places (such as bathrooms, street corners, cabs and parks,) which only help highlight her gifted skills as a performer. She's got an absurd amount of talent, which for my money makes her a lot more desirable than if she were dancing around half nude with a snake around her neck.

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  1. New life plan: You, me and Lykke Li move to Colorado Springs, Arizona where we can be free to get our plural marriage on. Friday nights we can hold beautiful Scandinavian electropop jam sessions in the abandoned grain silo on our 200 acre property. Maybe Royskopp will come for Christmas. Thoughts?

    For realz, the fact that you attended this show without me is perverse.