Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jimmy Carter Wouldn't Lie

So, earlier this week I wrote a post about "The Current Sad State of Poetry" (whatever that means: gag, hack, barf) and posted it and then reread it and came down with a case of the flaming fantods.  I have since deleted said post and strafed myself for being such a g-damn snob.  So never mind all that.  My point was and is: listen to Amiri Baraka perform "Dope."  

I have friends who claim poetry readings aren't their steez because the recitations are monotonous and thus hard to follow and basically boring as fuck.  Listen, this isn't some drone behind a podium; this is Amiri Baraka, and he can perform the shit out of some free verse.  This man was/is a pioneer of the slam aesthetic.  So maybe he did indirectly accuse Israel of plotting September 11th, and in his youth he said that all white men are trained to be fags.  Eh, whatevs.  I could still listen to "Dope" all day.  

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