Thursday, August 27, 2009


Every now and then I find a band that immediately becomes the only thing I listen to for a solid week or so. Enter "fun." I can't seem to get the following lyrics out of my head:

and I really wanna take a swing
I can't help but remember James Dean
See we are part of the few who agree
that hey, he lived life fast
but he died.
He died.
He died.
Me, I'm gonna live forever.

Yup. File this one firmly under "guilty pleasure." There's no doubt that "fun." makes pop music, but it's the best kind: it's reminiscent of all that seventies devil-may-care swagger, like E.L.O. or all those times you could tell Queen was having a great time (and not being sad about stuff like AIDS).

Over-the-top orchestration, harmonizing choirs, string sections, and dramatic lyrics about smelling good and never falling in love. To stop listening to this album would be to abandon an unapologetic celebration of life.

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