Friday, July 31, 2009

The Underground Paperclip Movement

My boss HATES paperclips. And it's hilarious.

Any job that most people would think was suitable for a paperclip, he will invariably staple.

To him, paperclips symbolize chaos: maliciously disguised as an organizing force. When you work in animation, there's an enormous amount of paper that needs tracking, and a lot of the artwork has several elements that need to stay together (such as specific overlays or redresses). Whether it be binder clips, file folders, staples, anything is better than a paperclip in the eyes of our art coordinator.

Therefore, we've heard him say some hilariously fascist remarks about paperclips while breaking in the new P.A.

"What are these paperclips doing? We don't use paperclips. There are no paperclips on this production. Don't go all jackalope on me dude."

As you could probably tell from my boss' use of the term "jackalope," he's not a humorless guy. In fact, he's known for bombing people's cubes with hand-made posters, poking fun at the target's quirks or referencing an inside joke. For example, I do an impeccable impression of Archangel from AirWolf, so he bombed my cube with this image.

Today, the paperclips strike back. Viva l'agrafe de papier.

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