Monday, July 27, 2009

"Tron: Legacy" trailer

And so begins the aftermath of Comic-Con: check out the trailer for Tron: Legacy.

Having recently re-watched the original, this trailer really disappoints me. Everything looks way too textured, the characters look like they're wearing leather suits. This isn't the Matrix. It would have been cool if they went for something closer to the original look where the contrast was bumped so high you couldn't see the fabric of their costumes, or the textures of the walls around them. Objects were primarily defined by those neon shapes within them, but now they're using that more like an afterthought.

It's cool that Flynn (Jeff Bridges' character) has turned evil, and it's cool that Daft Punk will be doing the music. Maybe there's a chance the plot will be decent, but anyone who says Tron is about more than the visuals is lying to themselves. And right now, the visuals are a huge letdown.

Above: new.
Below: old.
UPDATE: Apparently this isn't exactly a trailer, it's just some very polished FX tests. So there's still time to right the wrong that's been done...

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