Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Topol & Matchmaker Night

Tonight Fiddler on the Roof opens at the Pantages in Hollywood, billed as Topol's "Farewell Tour." Last night, however, was a special preview show hosted by JDate and the (impeccably-edited) Jewish Journal, dubbed "Matchmaker Night." The premise: single Jews had to type in the special code ("JDATE," of course) while purchasing their tickets, receiving a sizable discount that even gentiles would appreciate.

I, however, got the ultimate discount: my mom works for the Jewish Journal and was able to score some comp'd tickets. When we realized one of my friends couldn't make it, my mom decided to attend as well. It wasn't until I was walking to the theater that I realized how potentially disastrous bringing your mother to a singles function could turn out. But then again, that's probably the most Jewish thing a guy could do.

When fellow RSF blogger Matt Schwartz heard about "Matchmaker Night," he could hardly contain himself.

"Dude, imagine saying 'Grandma, grandpa, meet my girlfriend. Guess how we met.' I don't think anything would make them happier! And fuckin' Topol, dude!"

Fuckin' Topol, indeed. The man's still got it, and he's pretty spry for a seventy-something-year-old. He was still doing all the dancing and upward-fist-shaking that the role demanded. His voice has changed with age (his slight lisp makes him almost sound like a Jewish version of Sean Connery), but for the most part he's hitting those notes. He also possesses great comedic timing, which I already knew from his performance as Dr Hans Zarkov.

All in all, it was a great show. Remembering how bleak things get in the second act, I tried to keep it light during intermission by saying things like "man, I love the Nutcracker!" loud enough for the nearby old ladies to hear.

That was the extent of my interaction with the opposite sex at "Matchmaker Night." Thankfully, the whole thing was very understated. There were some cupcakes near the bar that had the JDate insignia printed on the frosting. Lord knows nothing attracts young singles more than free baked goods and theater. Well played, JDate.

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  1. my luck i would have gone and met the one girl there who was on the czar's side.