Tuesday, June 23, 2009


You remember pogs, right? Those tiny cardboard discs with images on them (anything from flaming skulls to Doug Funnie), won after flipping a stack with an even heavier disc known as a "slammer?" Sounds pretty lame in hindsight, but pogs were so hot back in the day they were banned from school yards across the country.

But now we're adults, damnit, and we can take part in adorable forms of gambling as much as we see fit! I'm bringing them back; this will be the summer of pogs.

However, apparently I'm not the first to revamp the pog frenzy. The game was first conceived back in the 1930's, using the cardboard found in the caps of a Hawaiian juice known as POG (anachronism for Passion fruit, Orange, and Guava). Then in the 90's, along comes the Canadian Games Company, and they're all like "let's take this thing invented by impoverished Hawaiian kids and use it to become millionaires, eh?"

So I got these Popeye Pogs on eBay for two bucks, not realizing that a cartoon character from the 1930's is way more authentic than Doug Funnie. Jackpot!

More on "the summer of two thousand and nineties" coming soon...

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