Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I'll Be Listening to This Summer

Rock n' roll bands are gonna take a well deserved rest this summer and make way for some quality electro pop.  No longer will we air-guitar and head-bang our nights away.  Instead, we're gonna find ourselves skipping to the beach and having moon-lit dance parties along the shore.  Yeah, it might feel a little gay at first, but we're not gonna give a fuck.

Discovery is a side project of Rostam Batmanglij (of Vampire Weekend "instant-buzz" fame) and Wes Miles (of Ra Ra Riot "how are these guys not famous yet?" fame).  They only have two songs on their myspace, but they're already winners. Particularly Orange Shirt, which delivers a tasty blend of romantic honesty and infectious synths beats.  We're gonna blast it from our cars driving along the PCH, and we're gonna feel alive.

It's a little unfair of Passion Pit to use the word "shimmering" in a song that wishes to do just that.  Regardless, I really don't think they'll be cursed by the "sophomore slump" as do most who recieve instant acclaim.  From what I hear they now sound like a full band instead of a dude on his laptop, and I like it.  Will others?  Only summertime will tell.


  1. Promise me that before this summer ends, we will actually, maybe do the coast drive that you're talking about here. Synth-pop and everything. Our full heads of hair blowing around everywhere and stinging our eyes. And
    every once in a while we will look at each and smile, but not say anything, just smile. Matt can come too--but we kind of already did the whole epic road trip thing. Except we listened to Headlights Look Like Diamonds because it made us feel like we were driving directly into the sun, like, about to burst into a ball of flame-type shit.

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  4. yo the gossip girl reads out blog??