Wednesday, May 6, 2009

watch these shows, i'm serious.

Two shows you should be watching but probably aren't:

-House MD

I'll be brief.  Both shows have been meh.  Both have required patience on my part to continue watching week after week (Fringe especially.) But, as they are gearing for their season finales next week, they have been heating up like the valley in may (or so I've been told...I'm in New Jersey right now).
Here's a few reasons to watch each:
House MD- Compelling acting from Hugh Laurie, great choices from the music supervisor, interesting and accurate medical information, and, for real, some kissing I was pumped about.
Fringe- Fucking Leonard Nemoy is guest starring as Willam Bell, a character the entire season has been leading up to, who will be revealed next week.

Judge away, tv snobs.  I'm into these shows.  And I want you to be too.
(Also they're both on Fox.  What a great channel!  ...Please pick up our show Fox.)


  1. I think that there are LOTS of people watching House, but we're not really the demographic. Unless you're secretly a middle-aged white lady who has a thing for stuffy brits.

    Oh, and FUCK Fringe.

  2. House is dope. Whoever doubts it can cram it. Or they can go watch Private Practice and think they're feeling feelings.