Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Saddest Text You'll Ever Send

It's been almost exactly a year since graduating college, and things are pretty good out here in the real world.  I like my job: I'm part of an industry that I love, my hours aren't insane, and I work alongside some very cool and talented people.

But when you spend eight hours a day in a cubicle, you're bound to feel it.  True, you can plaster colorful drawings and posters over all four walls, you can hang neon Mexican Halloween masks, you can bring in a large stuffed Tiki man holding a (newly ironic) sign that says "Let's Party!"  I've done all these things.  Nobody's more liberal with cube decorations than the employees of an animation studio.  It's their way of saying "yes, I'm in a box right now, but it's seeping with creative juices so I'm okay!"  And I buy into it, I find those juices comforting.

But there's nothing worse than sitting in a cube, regardless of how vibrant the walls, and getting a text message from your friends who are still in college.  Worse yet, a picture message of your friends goofing off and drinking in the sun.  Thanks, dudes.  Thanks for reminding me of the fun I once was having.

So almost exactly a year ago I was celebrating Pirate Day by the pond, enjoying Seamus Day on a boat, and feeling sick after the moon bounce on Fun Day.  I don't have those "Days" anymore.  I have Work Days, and they're spent in a gift-wrapped box.  What a difference a year makes.


  1. Now who's bringing The Sadness into the happy go lucky world of our blog?

    It's ok. We'll all take turns being downers. Tomorrow will be my day to make us all want to die. The Matts can take Thursday and Friday.

  2. there aren't enough hours in thursday and friday for the matts' sadness.

    wow. that was sad. see?

  3. didn't mean to depress you my friend!