Monday, May 11, 2009

A Nice Chat With Grandma

On the phone today
when I asked,
How are you?

She answered,
I’m terribly old
and life is terribly boring
but the alternative is death.

for the laugh, Grandma,
and for the reminder
that I’m inherently
an optimist.

could that trait
have come from?

I am so happy to have hopped aboard the slapdash, haiku-ish poetry bandwagon.  

Also, everyone should buy the new issue of Poetry magazine.  It’s only $3.50.  For the cost of one overpriced latté, you can enjoy sensuous, rhapsodic, austere, beauty, beauty, poetry by two Jews and one Danish lady.  Get excited for poetry!  Please?  

(Poetry should be paying me for this shit.  Or publishing me. Whichever.)

Anyway, enjoy this excerpt from Ilya Kaminsky's Deaf Republic, which, dare I say it, "spoke to me" this morning.   I'm sorry, forgive me, what a trite thing to say, but I mean it.  As John Banville said, "That's one of the many things I hate about life, that it's a hideously clichéd business." Man, John Banville is an arrogant prick...but he also keeps it painfully real? 


Yet I am.
  I exists.  I has
a body,
When I see
My wife’s slender boyish legs
the roof
of my mouth goes dry.
She takes my toe
in her mouth.
Bites lightly.
How do we live on earth, Mosquito?
If I could hear
you what would you say?
Your answer, Mosquito!
Above all, beware
of sadness
on earth we can do
   can’t we? —
what we want.


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  1. That was very nice. Great, now we're all gonna feel weird posting our jokey poetry.

    Aaaaaaand the feeling has passed. Man, that was close.