Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fending it Off pt. 2

My sister guided me toward the blog of Sharon Astyk, who was asked by a reader what she would say as a commencement address at a graduation.  It's pretty long, but worth a read if you're a recent graduate and/or at that one-year mark, wondering if you've done anything with yourself.

But if you don't feel like reading the whole thing, I've quoted a chunk that I found to be the most comforting- more so than the general message of "economic downturn breeds personal exploration."

But most of the lessons that you probably learned in college aren’t ones taught by your Professors. For example, you learned how to live closely with others, and share resources with them.  This is an important lesson, since odds are very good that you will either share a small space with several housemates as you eke out your living, or that you will move back in with parents or other family in order to make ends meet. The skill of living closely with others, of deriving happiness from late night conversation and shared work in the kitchen, of taking turns to use the bathroom will stand you in excellent stead.

So too will making the food last, or finding more food when the meal points don’t meet the end of the month.  Tasty things to do with ramen noodles, the making of a pot of soup to feed 15 hungry people, and the ability to scavenge will be of the utmost use.  So will a willingness to drink cheap beer and to laugh about one’s circumstances.

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