Monday, May 4, 2009

Death Cab - "The Open Door" EP

Have you heard "Little Bribes," the single from Death Cab's new EP?
Notice anything different?  Like, how it's not ostensibly depressing in the least?
The Open Door EP is a tiny collection of four songs that the band felt "didn't really fit" with the rest of what they had created for their last album, Narrow Stairs.  So here's how I think things went down:

Ben Gibbard skips into a recording studio where Chris Walla sits.

Chris:  Hey Ben.

Ben:  Good morning, Chris!  What a beautiful day!

Chris:  Um...what?

Ben:  I said it's a beautiful day!  Am I right?

Chris:  Yeah, sure.

Ben:  Good day to make some music, huh?  Rock and roll!  Let's do it!

Chris:  Uh, Ben, are you feeling alright?

Ben:  That is so thoughtful of you to ask, Chris, thank you.  And no, I'm not feeling "alright."

Chris:  Okay, good-

Ben:  I'm feeling GREAT!

Chris:  Oh boy.

Ben:  I've never felt better!  I really don't think I've ever been so... so...

Chris:  Happy?

Ben:  Happy!  That's it!  Happy!  I feel happy Chris, I really truly do!

Chris:  Fuck.

Ben:  And I just want to sing about how good I feel!

Chris:  Ben, listen...

Ben:  So good!  Woo!

Chris:  Ben, shut up for one fucking minute!

Ben:  Hey!  What's with the 'tude, cranky pants?

Chris:  This band writes sad songs, okay?  Epic feeling-anthems about being alone and miserable.  Songs about how women make us want to die under an avalanche of our own insecurities. 

Ben:  I know that, man.  That's our thing, it's not like I've stopped writing like that...

Chris:  Dude, are you kidding me?  "Little Bribes" is an up-beat song about people falling in love with each other! 

Ben:  They're in Vegas though.  Vegas is sad.

Chris:  It's not, Ben.  It's dancey and shiny neon lights.  Your songs are the opposite of that!

Ben:  You know, you've got a point.

Chris:  I hate to say it, but your happiness is totally ruining your sound, man.

Ben:  Wow.  Yeah, I guess I hadn't realized.

Chris:  I know.

Ben:  I guess I've never not been sad before.

Chris:  I know.

Ben:  It's's really hard to be sad when you're fucking Zooey Deschanel.

Chris:  I can imagine.

Ben:  It's just been great, Chris.

Chris:  Okay.

Ben:  Her inner and outer beauty are completely harmonious. 

Chris:  You need to stop that.

Ben:  Sorry.

Chris:  Here's what we're gonna do:  we'll release these happy-lil-pet-sounds of yours as an EP, and we'll keep the album brooding and melancholy like we always do.  

Ben:  Great, that sounds great.

Chris:  Great.  You know, maybe it's time for another side project?  Postal Service might be a good outlet for this stuff.

Ben:  I've actually been thinking about joining Zooey's band.

Chris:  "She and Him?"

Ben:  Well, we'd change it to "The Perfect Couple and Him."  

Chris:  Yeah.  Might want to run that one by Ward.

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