Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Best Brownies

Subtitle: And The Gayest Blog Post Title in History
Although in retrospect, it's better than my initial title of  "Blowing Men RULES!"

Switching gears, let's talk about my niece, Lucy.  Yesterday we made brownies.  The recipe didn't call for white chocolate chips, but we had a box of them, and we thought, why the heck not, let's put some in.  So I handed Lucy the box and she put one in at a time.  For about five minutes.  And then I guess got bored, and dumped the entire box in at once.  All of them.  The dough was pretty much one part brownie mix to one part white chocolate chip.  I thought my brownies were done for.  

But we baked them anyway.  And they didn't rise.  They turned into a molten chunky paste.  
And they were delicious.  Hands down the greatest brownies I have ever eaten, albeit the thinnest and least congealed.  

Now, I could get all heady about this and be like "listen to the children" but I won't.  All I'll say is they make really good brownies.  And listen to the children.

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