Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reality TV Show Ideas

Now that we've got two people following our blog, I think this thing's really going to blow up.  It's only a matter of time.  So, at the risk of using the site's popularity to advance my own career, I'd like to propose a few reality tv show ideas and their catch phrases in case any producers are reading.

-Dancing With The SARS.  "You thought dancing without SARS was tough."
-South Dakotan Idol.  "They're not good singers and it's so funny".
-Fuckin'. "You know what to do."
-Get Grandma Back in Bed! "She eats socks!"
-South Dakota's Got Talent. "They really don't."

Let me know if we can make these happen, producers!  

I hate South Dakota.


  1. Other ideas for reality television:

    -Cheese. "Watch me age in real time!"

    -Clean Taxis. "These taxis aren't going to clean themselves! Of semen and blood. And horrible growth."

    -People Breaking their Arms and Legs. "We'll take all the clips you love to hate to admit you watch from Youtube and make you watch them on another medium! Especially that kid who breaks him leg on the basketball hoop!"

  2. Darnit. That was me, accidentally posting under my bosses name. THAT will probably get me fired. Anyways, one more:

    Drinking Urine. "No survival show, no Bear Gryhlls. Just people drinking their own urine."