Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Krass Brothers Suits - Store of the Stars

Have you appreciated Philadelphia today?  
Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, superior cheese steak sandwiches - there are so many great things the city has to offer.  
Prepare to add the following to your list:

From what I can gather, you'd be hard pressed to find a Philidelphian who lived through the 80s that doesn't know about Krass Brother Suits.  I even know a man who bought a suit there.  He said it was hideous and I believe him.

Who is this old guy?  Why are there so many of these commercials?

After watching a few it gets increasingly difficult to understand what anybody's saying.  The one I posted above is sort of out of the norm, but the formula usually goes as follows:  old man sharply gesticulates while shouting nonesense, followed by a chanted response from his choir of grotesque bimbos.  

This is marketing at its finest, these commercials appeal to our most basic abilities to reason: "I happen to need a suit, and I also happen to love wirey old men with harems.  Looks like Krass Brothers Suits is the place for me!"

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