Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm not down with "Up"

Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, and maybe "film" is to "trailer" as "book" is to "cover," but I'm having a really hard time getting excited about Pixar's "Up."
Why?  Because Pixar has spoiled me rotten.  Who else has the balls to make a film about the dangers of complacency and consumerism, while being distributed by Disney?  And have barely any dialogue for the first hour?  And take place in the FUTURE?  
When "Wall-E" won an oscar, they proved to the world that animated films could be so much more than fuzzy creatures making fart jokes and being sassy.  So to follow that up with "hey kids, laugh at the fat (Asian?) child and his talking dog!" feels like a step in the wrong direction. 

Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised, maybe I'll end up loving this film.  I'm just reminded of when I first saw the trailer for "Cars" and thought to myself "this looks pretty lame, but I totally put my faith in these guys!"  We all need to learn from our mistakes, and that goes for you especially, Pixar.

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