Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Christian Bale - The Animated Series

At this point, Christian Bale's antics on the set of Terminator 4 feels like old news.  The buzz has kind of died down, I guess people have just accepted that losing your shit is something you do when you're Batman.  I'm fine with that, I like my actors method and I like them crazy as all hell.  I'm not here to condemn the man.

But I am here to share a benefit of his breakdown: a blog called Spline Doctors held a competition to see who could best put Bale's soundbite to animation.  The top three winners are all pretty phenomenal.  Chris O'Hara's hand drawn piece has some hilarious posing and expressions, while Dan Heurtas' premise of an old man cursing at his computer is truly inspired.

Maybe this can really turn things around for Bale: maybe studios will recognize how great his voice works for animation, and he can join the ranks of celebrities who make bank off sitting in a sound booth for a couple days reading a script out loud.  He'll probably land a sweet role as an irate sidekick in Shrek 4.  Isn't that why we fall, Master Wayne?

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